Our work:

Southern Voices promotes development (or global) education in the education and cultural sector. We do this through our projects, resources, training events, school support, publications, and networking.

Some of our activities:

Develop educational and creative projects:

Southern Voices have delivered a number of heritage projects in partnership with museums,schools and community groups in Manchester.

Organise seminars, workshops and events:

These are often organised without the involvement of Southern people even if they address ‘Southern’ issues. Southern Voices have worked to challenge this practice.  Southern Voices participants have run workshops, spoken at or attended conferences and joined discussion groups, as well as organising our own workshops and networking events.

Produce educational and creative resources:

Southern Voices has developed a small collection of archival material about the South written by Southern people and information on grassroots activities in Southern countries; and working to increase these educational resources for students, researchers, young people and communities.

Work in schools, universities and train teachers:

Southern Voices’ members have delivered training in schools and been involved in school discussions about their respective countries, ran storytelling workshops, helped organise festivals, and explored global issues through painting and drama.

We have organised sessions with student teachers; and developed work with teachers and written for journals and books.