2014 marks 100 years since the start of the World War One (WW1). In a very real way, this was the first global conflict, with war between the European Empires drawing in over well over 100 countries.

Southern Voices and The Mbari Group are developing a project which will examine the involvement of the colonised Southern countries in WWI and the impact the war had in those countries.

To do so it will look at European imperialism and Southern involvement in WW1 as a consequence. It will also examine changing European attitudes towards the colonies and Southern countries views towards the war.

The Southern Perspectives’ project aims to produce materials and events that will reflect the experiences and perspectives of Southerners during the conflicts and the global nature of the First World War. It will help to provide a more balanced account of the war than is currently available or taught.

This questionnaire is part our project consultation process. You could help by completing the questionnaire below (by Friday May 2nd 2014).


The Southern Perspectives on World War One Consultation Questionnaire.


If you would like more information contact The Mbari Group – mbarigroup@gmail.com.