The Workshop on Climate Violence, on January 21st 2012, was attended by 23 people.

The event was subsequently reviewed by Manchester Climate Monthly with a comment by workshop leader Kooj Chuhan.

Feedback from the attendees

General Impressions

‘very good and very informative’

‘the information given is very useful’

‘well presented and the group participation good. Interesting ideas’

‘really not interactive, visual or participative! So many better ways of presenting some info where people will actually learn and remember, and identify next steps. Dealing with people at different levels can be done in so many better ways.’

One very interesting thing said

‘server farms’

‘violence and climate change interconnection, closely linked’

‘industrial production of CO2’

‘the statistics and setting a date for doomsday’

‘the relationship between the concept of violence and the issues around climate change’

‘climate change = climate crime’

‘seeing it as violence’

‘Looking at climate change from a southern perspective’

‘that decision makers, business and government support, are violent towards the South by pushing forward with TAR SANDS development for instance, in that this will contribute to climate change and result in more deaths there’

A key question arising

How is the issue perceived by the South?

What really has to be done to avoid disasters?

Is climate change a process or a consequence?

How can we raise awareness?

How possible is it that the industrialised countries are ready to do more research to address the resolution of root causes rather than looking to find a way to cohabit with the monster they have created?

What is the role of politicians and the big corporations in regulation and commitment related to environmental issues? Also the influence of the ‘development view’ in developing countries and how the people can go against it without any support from governments?

Whose responsibility is climate change from the individual to the country level?

How to redress the balance and change the behavior of those in power

How even the term ‘climate change’ curtails the debate; ‘climate chaos’ works better.

Is it going to happen? Can we reverse negative effects?